I will worship toward your Holy Temple, and praise Your Name for Your loving kindness
and Your Truth; For You have magnified Your Word above all Your Name.
      Psalm 138:2

Life is so exciting, one adventure after another - filled with choices and decisions. The most amazing thing about life is we are all faced with one choice that is completely the same; what will you do with Jesus?

As an eight-year-old, I made the choice of a lifetime to invite a compassionate loving Savior into my heart. My life has never been the same. There is nothing more thrilling than choosing to follow Him and help others discover their passion for our Savior.

God has given me an insatiable yearning to help encourage others to meet Jesus heart-to-heart. That, too, is a choice we each must make everyday. I believe when this truly happens in even one person's life, the world can be changed one heart at a time.

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